News - 2019

Antibiotic Awareness Week


"The aim of this event is to refute the myths about the efficiency of antibiotics on viral infections and flu, to teach the public the proper prevention against these illnesses and to inform the public about the so-called CRP test."

Soft-skill: Time Management


"Our trainers gave us a lot of valuable advice and tips on how to stop postponing the duties and tasks (especially the unpleasant ones).."

A visit to the CzPSA's social Beer event


"Remember that as students and staff, we form the faculty, a living organism."

Psychedelics as a potential medication


"Now the pharmacological view is shifting and the place of psychedelics in modern medicine is being reconsidered."

The cost of medicines - lecture for elderly


"Among the activities organized by CzPSA Education section belong not only activities enriching the students but general public as well. This time our association has decided to focus on a very important part of our society – the elderly."

Halloween party


"The club filled quickly and everyone was having a blast – a pharmacist with a medical student, a clown with a hunter or a superhero with a Dracula."

Pharmacists’ beanie


"During the evening we compared the organization of Pharmacy studies in given faculties, the status of clinical pharmacy in single countries, activities in our associations as well as membership."

Introducing SEP


"What is SEP? Who‘s it for? Where can I travel to? What did the outgoing students experience? These are the first questions that come to anyone’s mind when they hear “SEP” for the first time and also everyone who didn’t know the answer could find out at the SEP lecture, which took place on October 22."

Effective studying


"What followed was a bit of theory, the we tried out some actual studying, trained all of our the senses and of course we couldn't leave out sharing our Tips&Tricks!"

Mental Health Day


"Another success was that the EPSA’s (European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association’s) decision to share our work on their blog, spreading it on an international level."

Beer with opportunities


"There are numerous purposes behind this action, first is that everybody gets to enjoy free beer limited only by the volume of the barrel."

Freshman's party


"Although I must admit, there are some noticeable differences between ordinary parties and pharmacists' parties – for example you won't be returning home with stranger's lab coat from a regular party."