The cost of medicines - lecture for elderly


Among the activities organized by CzPSA Education section belong not only activities enriching the students but general public as well. This time our association has decided to focus on a very important part of our society – the elderly.


On Thursday, October 31, a lecture was held in RC Pohoda, where the senior association Dřevěnka resides. The main goal of this lecture was to discuss payments for prescription drugs and surcharges in pharmacies. We invited one of the former students Mgr. David Suchánek from OAKS Consulting (, a company that deals with the entry of new drugs into the market and operates in the area of market access, to come and help explain this matter to the elderly.


The aim of this lecture was to acquaint seniors with the reason why additional charges for medicines differ in different pharmacies, how such charge are set, and who determines the prices of drugs in general. Even though these issues are quite complex seniors were not afraid to ask and discuss. Among other things, they were also interested in topics such as drug shortages in pharmacies or drug substitutions.

The lecture was a big success and we believe it was not the last time we collaborated with Dřevenka.

- Kristýna Blahnová