Halloween party


As usual, Halloween party of pharmaceutical and medical students was held on October 29th. The moment I saw a queue full of princesses, zombies, cats, and vampires, I knew I was in the right place.

I immediately overcame the sadness caused by the missed welcome drink and my attention was captivated by that stunning Halloween decoration. The club filled quickly and everyone was having a blast – a pharmacist with a medical student, a clown with a hunter or a superhero with a Dracula.


However, the time flew and the expected costume contest eventually came. The choice was difficult and only the best four got to stand on the stage. We could decide who was the winner – with the intensity of clapping. Neither Elza nor deer and Batman could find a competitor. The audience, though, liked the deer – Denisa Chudovská - the most, who thus became the winner.


And that was not everything. In addition to the decoration mentioned above - we also got fire, steam and occasionally some balloons fell from the sky.

In conclusion, I have to say that this party reassured me once again that both pharmacists and medics know how to have fun ... well ... even before the test!

Anna Gajová