Mental Health Day


On Thursday the 10th of October was the International Mental Health Day. For the second year in a row, the Czech Pharmaceutical Students’ Association took part in raising awareness of this day. This year’s collection of informational posters focused on depression. 

The online campaign took place from Sunday the 6th of October till Monday the 14th of October on Facebook and on Instagram, where we shared both the basic information and various interesting facts about this illness in the form of the aforementioned little posters. The goal of this event is to draw attention to the significance of mental illness, as it can often affect our lives more than physical health, yet it is all too often forgotten about.



usting myths and starting conversations on themes that are sadly still stigmatised in our society may help many to fight with their illness or muster the courage to seek treatment. Since we, as future pharmacists, are well aware of this, we were pleased that this campaign turned out to be a success just like last year. Another success was that the EPSA’s (European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association’s) decision to share our work on their blog, spreading it on an international level.

The highlight of Mental Health Week was a lecture called The Truth about Mental Health, which we arranged in cooperation with the non-profit organisation LOONO exactly on the Mental Health Day (10th of October). You can learn more about the lecture here.

Markéta Nápravníková