Beer with opportunities


On the evening of 9. 10. 2019 a beloved event Beer with opportunities took place in the clubroom of the student association. There are numerous purposes behind this action, first is that everybody gets to enjoy free beer limited only by the volume of the barrel.


Second, less catchy, reason is to hear about somewhat interesting and sometimes even important information from the association. The event was initiated by David Brychta, who grabbed everybody’s attention by loudly exclaiming that there is no more beer left.


Everybody fell silent with an anguished expression. After clearing up his bold-faced lie, everybody calmed down and then the monologuing started.


He summarized work of the association for the new members and informed them about various ways to participate. Then Martina Krejčová spoke up, she confirmed this year’s ball will be indeed taking place in Petrof gallery. After that the association´s showman Chi-chi, who is rumored to spend most of his nine lives, continued with an overview of upcoming parties and heartful mass invitation. He also mentioned the new merch consisting of hoodies a T-shirts available for purchase now.


Markétka Nápravníková continued with a few words about educational programs from SČSF. The penultimate word had Márty Mašín together with Tereza Buchalová, they informed us that this year’s TWINnet will take us to Istanbul and invited everybody to presentation about SEP, which will take place on the 22nd of October.


David, the president of association, had final say and officially ended the event and bid everybody farewell. Although the clubroom emptied out only when the beer ran out.

- Jakub Tomek