A visit to the CzPSA's social Beer event


As an assignee for the propagation of our Faculty, I was approached by the CzPSA's VP of Public Relations Jan Rataj with an inquiry to write little something about my visit to the Association's social Beer event as well as any thoughts I'd consider worth sharing with the audience that didn't attend it with us.

In the short, while I've been in my current position, I've got an opportunity to learn about the wide array of events organized by the Czech Pharmaceutical Students' Association. I am a big fan of their work and I genuinely wish the Association more success in the future as it shows the wide-ranging lifestyle of our pharmacy students. I was, on the other hand, taken aback by the relatively small number of Association's members taking account of the actual amount of students belonging to our Faculty. 

The Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, having celebrated its semi-centennial anniversary just recently, is not only a part of the prestigious Charles University but also is of exquisite renown on its own, both on national and international levels. It flaunts with its great and continuous achievements in science, pedagogy and infallible conditions for students and their studies. I am aware though, there is naturally still a lot of room for improvement. One of the main concerns is the fact that the Faculty is not well-known enough, especially amongst the general public and high-school students. Considering the high quality of studies, therefore, a lower number of students actually apply (both for demographic reasons and increased enrollment at medical faculties).

All of the aforementioned is why I am now asking all of you pharmacy students for help.




  1. Through FaF's social sites like Facebook and Instagram. Admins Adam Reguli, ¨the newbie¨ Jindřich Čech together with other colleagues regularly update the sites with posts directly from the life of a student, also touching subjects like popular science and the propagation of the events going on in our institution itself. Anything that helps these go viral and reach its targeted audience would be helpful so don't hesitate to follow, hit the like button, comment, and share. Feel free to also contribute with your own posts, reviews, photos that can also represent the honorable name of our faculty is committed to with its pledge to the university's protector Emperor Charles IV.
  2. Another very significant way is to participate in the active propagation at your old high-schools organized by Tomáš Jan.
  3. If presenting directly in front of the students is not really for you, another great option is to contact the school's leadership for a short meeting where you can represent our faculty and give out some useful information, promotive materials or even offer them some form of long term cooperation. You will, of course, be directed right before the meeting.
  4. Lastly but definitely any less important is becoming an active member of CzPSA not only to complete your student life but also, if possible, occasionally help with the organization of the events.


Hopefully, each one of you reading this is now more aware of the situation and is willing to help by accomplishing at least one of the points from above.

Remember that as students and staff, we form the faculty, a living organism.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to Your cooperation. 

 Miloslav Hronek