Where for the diploma thesis? Part 2


I have been just a few weeks at our faculty and my diploma thesis seems to be in the distant future. However, I took the opportunity and attended the project Where for the diploma thesis? In the second part were introduced two departments. 



The first speaker was prof. PharmDr. Martin Doležal, Ph.D., the leader of the department of pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis. And then prof. PharmDr. Petr Zimčík, Ph.D., doc. PharmDr. Radim Kučera, Ph.D. completed the topic. Mgr. Hana Bavlovič Piskáčková provided us the student view. Together they showed us what we could expect, if we decide to do our diploma thesis on this department.    


In the second part we left chemistry and followed the department of biology and medicine science. Prof. PharmDr. Petr Nachtigal, Ph.D., the leader of the department, showed us the various possibilities of diploma thesis. Bc. Martina Vašinová and Mgr. Katarína Tripská completed the topic, they shared their experiences and recommendations.


Many students have visited this event. From the guests we get valuable information, recommendations, and advice. From my view I can say, my knowledge about diploma thesis is bigger. Of course, I will attend the next part of Where for the diploma thesis.

Rozálie Votrubová