Interprofessional Twinnet


As it is usual this year even during Twinnet, we moved into the online world of Romania to discover the culture, improve our sofstkills and „meet“ new inspiring pople. Medicine students from EMSA Bucharest had taken care of the program on the first day. The whole program began with a presentation of the Romanian school, where we were introduced to the enviroment of the school where the teaching takes place. We also played games in the evening where we had a lot of fun and we got to know each other better. On the next day graduates of our school told us about the current situation in the field of the pharmaceutical industry and clinical pharmacy. On the third evening we had a discussion about vaccines and what questions we might encounter in our practice and how to respond to them properly. The whole Twinnet ended with a softskill training at the end of which we summarized all four evenings and after that we said goodbye with big smiles on our faces to each other.  


The aim of the whole event was not only to get to know the culture of the country, but also to strengthen the relationship between pharmacy and medicine students during their study, so that in our practice there is as little misunderstanding and underestimation of knowledge from both sides. And since the whole world and our living is based on the fact that everyone has their place and plays a mini-role in order to „play“ it as best we can, it is important to listen. And not only to ourselves, but also to listen to each other. And as future health professionals we should put our egos to the side while providing the best possible care for the patient and be more tolerant of each other in communication and listening.


Thanks for all of this, especially to the Twinnet coordinators, who managed to organize a high quality online event even during this difficult time and also let´s thank to ourselve for trying to step out of our comfort zone. ( ´Cause you know, talking to a computer is a little weird :D )

Ivana Vargová