Beer with opportunities ONLINE


On Thursday 4th of March at 7 PM the third Beer with opportunities was held online this school year. The event is called so because anyone can use the unique opportunity to order a beer with delivery to his/her room on Na Kotli dormitory. If the beer was not good enough, one could participate in the competition for the best drinking story and win a special prize. The rest of the members, who were not within reach of the beer delivery team, had to provide themselves with their own drinking supplies and so the eventful programme could start.

First, we looked back on the events that had already taken place. Whether it was a Czech-Romanian Twinnet or the lecture on Automation in pharmacy - we agreed unanimously that both events were very successful and the participants praised the organization very much. We were also introduced to the successful project "Měsíc ve Farmacii", which has been providing us with a simple path to news and events in the world of pharmacy since November.


And what is awaiting us in March? Obesity Awareness Week, project called Cesty farmacie, Training week, a new edition of Nausea and much more! Thereafter, we cried over the cancelled Pharmaceutical ball together, however, we at least started to look forward to the Bioanalytics and Pharmacy Fair.

This was followed by the announcement of the best drinking story, which was won by Jirka Kubíček by a mile. I must say that the winner was very excited about the victory and promised to drink his prize during the rest of the evening. Then we divided ourselves into individual rooms, where we discussed the nonsense of the amendment to the mail order dispensation, and eventually got to our drinking stories with a fairy tale party.


In conclusion, I must say that it was not only a very successful event but a pleasant evening. I am grateful that despite this situation, I was able to be a part of the meetup and see familiar faces at least in this online form.

Anna Gajová