Let’s Wear Pink


October, a month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. So at our faculty we expanded consciousness about one of the most common forms of cancer.

 For this event we reservated dates from 24-26 October. We set up a stand in the corridor of the faculty and made it cafe style. We sold yummy gingerbread, linzer sweets, pizza snails and of course coffee as well. During these 3 days we had countless content customers, who donated money for the fight against cancer by buying something or helped by simply taking a photo with the poster " I am touching them every day". All proceeds are going to the organisation called Loona, which takes care of public education about civilization diseases, including cancer.


​The acknowledgement and thanks belongs to the faculty, organisators and to everyone who stopped by and helped us spread awareness about this insidious disease. Finally I would like to invite you to the workshop organised by Loona, which is going to be focused on cancer prevention and it is going to take place on Tuesday 29. of November in the auditorium C at FaF.