Summer University in Basel


The 22nd EPSA Summer University had taken place in Basel- Switzerland from 18th to 22th of July.  Hosed by asep Switzerland and BPhD Germany, pharmacy students of almost all european countries not only had the chance to learn about the role of emotional intelligence in Healthcare but also to enjoy all the beautifull sights that Basel offfers. From Monday‘s opening gala until Thursday’s theme party, the days were filled with a lot of new infromation, new experiences and new friendships being formed. 

The workshops and trainings lead by creative and experienced speakers had deffinitely given us a new point of view on emotions and their importance. Talking not only about the empatic leadership or antidepressants, but also teaching us how to build useful soft skills made the educational program complex and enjoyable. 


On the other hand the city rally, Rhine swimming, excursions and the career fair showed us many different possibilities of where to work, live or enjoy life in general. 

Overall, being the part of the amazing EPSA community and enjoying everything the event offered made the experience awesome and unforgettable.