Bioanalytics and Pharmacy Market


As is already tradition, the 5th edition of the Bioanalytics and Pharmacy Fair organized by the Society of Czech Students of Pharmacy took place on 19 April. The fair was opened by the Vice-Dean, Professor Lucie Nováková, and then individual companies had the opportunity to present their activities in the form of short lectures. Throughout the day, students also had the opportunity to get acquainted with up to 25 exhibitors from different spectrums of pharmacy in the faculty corridor. Pharmacies had the traditional place, but they were outnumbered by pharmaceutical companies, pharmacovigilance companies, associations or hospitals. There was IMG_1433_Watermarked.jpgalso a presentation of the possibility of applying for postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The fair was concluded by the Dean, Associate Professor Jaroslav Roh, by drawing a lottery, to which individual companies contributed valuable gifts. We believe that the students took away from this day broadened horizons, found out what different career opportunities are waiting for them after graduation and the exhibitors were able to reach out to prospective candidates for unfilled positions.

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