Slovak - Polish - Czech Leadership Camp


It’s September, a lot of students are still trying hard to finish their finals. And those who have managed already... are still partying hard before the next semester. But something phenomenal started on the 7th of September. If SPC 2018 came to your heads, you guessed it. THE 6th SPC. Back in Hradec Králové where it all started. And it was really, i mean reeeeaaaaaally freaking awesome.

On Friday afternoon we experienced presentations by our sponsors Novartis and Primevigilance. Later that day we did some opening, ice-breaking and getting to know each other stuff.  And I’m not sure we were aware, what one hell of a weekend we’ll have.


After a few hours of sleep, Saturday came and with it the first session -  Art of communication. And then some more with topics like conflict management, motivation, self-development or entrepreneurship . Also, we played Laser Game, which is like super cool. And we did a little bit of drinking that night.

And Sunday is here with new trainings, a lot of coffee and fun for everybody. The day of specific soft skill trainings. We started it off with Storytelling and the second group with Mindfulness and Creativity. Nice and slowly. And ended it with Leadership for the future and Long term strategic planning and project management. Names are long, so were the trainings. Not to mention how demanding. We had a dinner, a beer and a great party.


Monday morning, just a quick wrap up session, lunch and off we went.

We made friends, had fun, learned, shared, went far, far beyond the course and became the best SPCists we could.

So if you want to do something for your future. In a company of great people. Surrounded by positive energy… The next SPC awaits YOU!

David Brychta