Terms of acquiring the Certificate of Active Student

The condition required for issuing the certificate is the participation in at least 15 projects/events from the list of educational and international activities listed below. The certificate will be awarded to students after the successful completion of state exams after the summer semester of the fifth year of their study at the Pharmaceutical Faculty. 

Each student based on their participation in at least 15 events is entitled to obtain the certificate signed by the President of CzPSA and the Dean of The Pharmaceutical Faculty. The certificate will also state the way in which the student participated in the event – whether he/she was part of the organizational team, a participant, or attended in a different way depending on the nature of the event.

How to apply for the certificate:

  • The student can request the certificate by sending a filled-out form to the address tajemnik@scsf.cz.
  • The certificate will be issued within 60 days from the acquisition of the application.

Attendance and archiving:

  • At each lecture or project organized by CzPSA, which is part of the Active Student Certificate, there will always be an attendance list, which the student is obliged to sign if he/she is interested in issuing the certificate.
  • The secretary of the CzPSA is responsible for archiving the attendance lists.
  • In case the future employer would like to verify the certificate, he/she can contact CzPSA via e-mail: tajemnik@scsf.cz or spolek@scsf.cz.
  • The schedule of events that are part of The Active Student Certificate will be available and regularly updated on the CzPSA website.

What will the certificate look like?