List of educational and foreign activities of The Faculty of Pharmacy and CzPSA


Each event that is part of CAS will include the CAS logo on its poster or other graphics.

Only activities substantiated by another certificate of participation or a relevant participant list can be recognized retrospectively. In cases of uncertainty about participation, the final word is CzPSAs’.

For further information about the certificate, contact us via the e-mail address



List of educational and foreign activities of The Faculty of Pharmacy and CzPSA:

Educational activities:

  • Bioanalytics and Pharmacy Fair (organizer/participant)
  • Student scientific conference (organizer/participant)
  • Championship of Master Training (organizer/participant)
  • Pharmaceutical communication competition (organizer/participant)
  • Clinical skills event (organizer/participant)
  • Tea at five (organizer/participant)
  • “With a teddy bear to the pharmacy” project (organizer/participant)
  • Antibiotic Week (organizer/participant)
  • Public health campaign organized for the public (not online) (organizer/participant)
  • Professional lecture as part of an awareness-raising campaign (organizer/participant)
  • Professional lecture (organizer/participant)
  • Discussion within the project “Journeys of Pharmacy” (organizer/participant)
  • Congress / conference on pharmaceutical (medical) topics (organizer/participant)
  • Soft-skill training (organizer/participant)

Publishing activity:

  • Publications in external professional media
  • Nausea (editor/contributor)
  • EPSA - blog, science blog
  • IPSF – blog

Foreign activities:

  • Participation in foreign events of the European Pharmaceutical Students Association (EPSA)
  • EPSA Autumn Assembly
  • EPSA Annual Congress
  • EPSA Summer University
  • EPSA Annual Reception
  • EPSA Individual Mobility Project
  • Twinnet (organizer/participant)
  • Training New Trainers (TNT) (organizer/participant)
  • Training The Trainers (TTT)
  • Trainers On Tour (ToT)