Every student of the Faculty of Pharmacy can become a member. Just fill in the application and pay the membership fee (50CZK per academic year) during the secretary's office hours, i.e. every Tuesday from 6 pm to 7 pm in the CzPSA office (Dormitories Na Kotli, A2 224) or at other times after personal agreement. You can also send the fee to the CzPSA´s account (information in the application). With the founding of membership you automatically become a member of international organizations of pharmacy students such as EPSA and IPSA, we cooperate with. 

What are the benefits of membership?

Each member of SČSF (CzPSA) automatically becomes a member of international organizations EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students´ Association) and IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students´Federation).

Each member can get the Certificate of Active Student. 
Common Facebook group.


  • the possibility of renting the CzPSA common room and using it as you wish
  • possibility to rent a data projector
  • lending of study materials 
  • lending a beer tap (100 CZK)


  •  cheaper admission to all parties organized by the CzPSA, often even completely free!
  • discount on printing in the CzPSA copy room
  •   cheaper membership to the CzPSA gym in Zámostí
  • storage of refrigerators and microwaves during the holidays completely free of charge
  • 50 CZK discount on Christmas market
  • 50 CZK discount on the ticket to the Pharmaceutical Ball
  • beer for free at some events (Spolkové pivko and Čarodějnice)

Studying abroad  

  • an opportunity to study abroad - internship placements within the Student Exchange Program organized by IPSF in almost every country of the world !!!
  • opportunity to participate in IPSF and EPSA student congresses, shorter exchanges with foreign students and other foreign events or projects
  • Opportunity to meet pharmaceutical students all over the world on Twinnet
  • financial support to members when taking part at SEP or congresses 
  • The possibility to get a Certificate of active student
  • besides, you will be part of a great company that will not only make your study time more pleasant but also allow you to gain experience for a lifetime