November is internationally dedicated to testicular and prostate cancer. Moustache is the symbol of the Movember movement. Some man even grow it for the whole of November to bring attention to the importance of this topic. 

CzPSA also takes part in the promotion of this event. Every year we think of a new event - be it a ‘The most original moustache’ photo competition in which you can win a pair of moustache patterned socks or buying refreshments at the ‘Café at the Moustache’ whereby you contribute to a greater good.

What can you look forward to every year? To our ‘A1 climb’! It is a traditional competition where all the students run up all six floors of the A1 building at the dorms Na Kotli. The catch is that on each floor there is a compulsory refreshment break. All the money from the event is to the ‘Man against cancer’ organization.