Introducing SEP


What is SEP? Who‘s it for? Where can I travel to? What did the outgoing students experience? These are the first questions that come to anyone’s mind when they hear “SEP” for the first time and also everyone who didn’t know the answer could find out at the SEP lecture, which took place on October 22.


The introduction was provided by the CzPSA’s SEO (Student Exchange Officer) Tereza Buchalová, who is the essential contact person for anyone who would like to experience SEP. She first explained that SEP is a student exchange providing students internships from different fields of pharmacy. It is possible to visit all kinds of pharmacies, laboratories or hospitals, taking into account the travel destination and your interests. Tereza continued with information about the conditions that have to be fulfilled in advance - filling in the online application form and sending a motivation letter and CV by 30.11.2019 to The last step is a short interview in English in December. She didn‘t forget to mention the possible financial support which participants can apply for.


In the next few minutes, we were all tuned into the travel note. Three pharmacy students stole the spotlight and enthusiastically started speaking about the countries they chose for their SEP. Martina Krejčová first introduced her experience in Cyprus to us, specifically its Turkish part. I was personally interested in the description of the local campus, where even the beach itself was no exception.


Nicolette Knapíková, a pharmacy student in Brno, gave us an exotic experience. She visited African Ghana. Nicolette refuted possible worries about traveling to such distant countries by talking about the hygiene or care of the local people.


In the end, Jiří Kubíček took us to Asia - Taiwan. Humorously, he told us how he dealt with the pitfalls of everyday life, thanks to which he could get to know the country from a completely different perspective than the one offered by travel agencies.


Although the countries differ in their location and culture, they have one thing in common. All the photos showed the ease and enormous friendliness of the locals and other international students.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the organization of the lecture and thus enabled us to learn all about the SEP interestingly.


- Magdaléna Dražanová

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