Freshman's party


Our first lecture hasn’t even ended yet and I already couldn’t wait to see our Freshman Party. On that fateful evening there were buses waiting for us near the dorms to take us to Denoche Music Hall, where the party was taking place. The buses were bursting at the seams with people, no seat was left untaken. Which I took as a good omen for the upcoming party. The buses had a clear purpose – to spare our legs from the lengthy journey, so that we could use them on the dance floor.


‘College life is going to be awesome!’ I thought to myself entering the club. Great music, wonderful people… what else could I wish for? Freshman's game was just the beginning. We nailed the orange game, the stripping game not so much.



GRAND FINALE. A quest for burger to the McDonald's? Or dancing cha-cha? The difficulty was escalating. Gather a few bras, kiss the president, or do the handstand. People who couldn't make it were sorely missing out.


The winner was decided via rather difficult and treacherous game of rock-paper-scissors, then the winners savoured their hard-won prize.



The party was still going on though. Extroverts or introverts, freshmen or seniors – everyone partied hard. I haven't spent more than two weeks here, but I am certain of one thing: Pharmacy students are not boring. Although I must admit, there are some noticeable differences between ordinary parties and pharmacists' parties – for example you won't be returning home with stranger's lab coat from a regular party. One thing is certain, it was the best party ever. There is not one thing I wish the organizers had done differently. They provided us with a truly unforgettable evening. Although the next time it would be better if I didn't have classes at 8 am the following day.

Looking forward to the next year!

Anna Gajová