Soft-skill: Time Management


Do you feel like you don’t have enough time? Is your to-do list still full and the number of tasks is not decreasing? It was at a soft-skill training called “Time management” that we learned how to make better use of our time, not to be afraid to say no and how to overcome our chronic tendency to do things "later".


In the beginning, there were various questions for example: What is time management? What do we struggle with? Gradually, we discovered that the things that take up most of our time are: social media, TV shows and books. We also know how to plan what we want to do but we never keep to the schedule and instead procrastinate. In groups but on our own as well, we tried to figure out how to plan and act better. Our trainers gave us a lot of valuable advice and tips on how to stop postponing the duties and tasks (especially the unpleasant ones).


Moreover, the whole training was in English, which many were afraid of but ended up being very satisfied! In the circle of fifteen students were not only pharmacists and medics but also a student from who came all the way from Olomouc.


There are three tips to conclude how to stop procrastinating:

  •  Plan only what you can do - be honest to yourself. 
  • Try to bet - few things will swing a person into action as much as knowing they are losing a bet.
  • Reward yourself - if you manage to do what you have planned, relax, go jogging or have a good meal.

Big thanks to David and Domča.

- Karolína Nováková