Cesty farmacie - Klinická farmacie


On 30.3. another discussion from the cycle called "Roads of pharmacy" was held. Due to the epidemiological restrictions in online form again, nontheless it didn't affect the number of participiants at all: it reached its record this year. The whole discussion took place on the platform Zoom and after signing in of 300 participiants we also continued live on Youtube. In total 320 students, and what is more, even some professors took part.

But now, let's get to the actual programme. The main theme was clinical pharmacy, that is why we invited right off four clinical pharmacists. To get a better view on the preparations for attestation, we invited two graduates, who are currently preparing for it. The other two have earned years of experience in the practice, even abroad.

In the first place we asked Mgr. Kateřina Žáková, PharmDr. Eliška Žáková, Mgr. Jitka Gambacort and PharmDr. Petra Rozsívalová to introduce how their attestation went/is going, where they gained experience, and where they work now. We also talked about what does an average day of a clinical pharmacist look like or what was the most difficult part in the process of earning the  attestation. We learned some interesting facts also about clinical pharmacy itself - how fast it evolves within our country compared to the other states.

Yet before the start of the discussion we recieved tens of questions from the students. Thanks to them we talked much longer than we expected. We discussed about various topics - how the other healthworkers in the hospital look at clinical pharmacists, where to look for professional information in the everyday routine, how frequently should one learn to gain new knowledge, or about the wage of a clinical pharmacist.

Thanks to out miss president Martina Krejčová, who organized the whole discussion I got an offer to moderate it. It was challenging, but I am very thankful for the opportunity. The discussion was very pleasant, the students' questions were awesome and the guests' answers even better. Last but not least I have to thank every student, who came and actively took part in the event. But the biggest thanks goes to our guests.

Lucie Malečová

You can watch it HERE.