EPSA 12th annual reception


Between Friday 11th March and Wednesday 16th March SČSF (CzPSA, Czech Republic) sent a delegation of five students to the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association Annual Reception in Brussels, Belgium. The topic for this year was ‘Transforming health education, a European Strategy.’ 


The EPSA Annual Reception is a day long event that takes place every year. It involves a guided tour of the EU parliament as well as fascinating talks from keynote speakers. There is also a side programme full of soft-skills trainings, tours around Brussels and social activities that happen throughout the week. 

We attended a training session provided by an EPSA trainer in the EPSA house (only a short walk away from the parliament). During the session we learnt useful skills about Networking which we were able to use straight away with other students who attended the training. It was great to be able to meet pharmacy students studying all over Europe! Something that we don’t often get a chance to do in Hradec unless they’re from twinnet or the IPSF Student Exchange Programme that SČSF runs.


During the keynote panel discussion, the speakers spoke about the possible implementation of a European Strategy for universities, which involved talks of an EU approved pharmacy degree. It was interesting to explore the concept of transnational cooperation in education. 


Author: Sebastien Bailey